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Terms and Conditions
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The Mind

   Many things effect us on a daily basis such as the weather, environment, stress, job, family, diet and the list goes on and on. The first thing you need to do is to make a list of things you have control of and things that are out of your control. Remember, to keep things in perspective.

The Body

   You only have one body. What you do today is what determines how you will feel tomorrow. Watching our diet and exercise are very important decisions we make on a daily basis. One thing that I have noticed on a daily basis with the work that I do is that we do not even come close to drinking the amount of water our body requires.  Our body is made up of mostly water.  We know that this is almost the single most important thing we put in to our body. Not only does water flush the body, but it helps all our organs function better.

The Soul

   People question this many times in a lifetime. What is the soul and do we really have what is called a soul? In my opinion, yes!  The soul is part of the body. The soul needs to continue to grow. This growth comes in many ways to us during our lifetime by people we meet, jobs we do and our spiritual belief and the beliefs of others around us. Some think that the soul is what makes us determine what is right or wrong or allows our conscious mind to make decisions. While others believe that the soul does not exist and the brain makes all of these decisions for us, I myself, believe one compliments the other.  That when we make wrong decisions in our life, the soul of the person allows them to get back on track. I separate these two by looking at one as being the ego self and the other one being the higher self. This argument has been around a long time. One looks at religion  the same as being spiritual. I see these things differently. I feel being religious is knowing the Bible and being spiritual is knowing and praying to a higher source.

What is meditation?

   Meditation is slowing the body thought process down to total relaxation to where nothing is happening. To do this you first need to understand how the mind works.
Example: Your mind processes a lot of information on a daily basis and is always thinking about several things at a time. This is why some day's we move around and do many different tasks. Sometimes we may be cooking,  talking on the phone,  setting the table or multi tasking and  do these things without a lot of thought.

Another Example: When you are driving you might be looking at stop lights,  talking with your children, have the radio on and hearing the news, using your arms, legs, mind, your ears. Again we have the ability to do many things.But how does one just stop everything to clear ones mind?
Breathing is the most effective thing you can learn to do for clearing your mind and relaxing your body and soul. I hope to teach you some of these exercises in the next several months. The article on meditation and relaxing the mind,  body and soul will be a continual column.

Breathing Techniques

While sitting in a chair do the following:

Look at a wall, or focus on something in the room. Allow your eyes to only see this one item. Next inhale to the count of four, hold for two, and exhale for four.

 I have many CD's available on the store page to help you with meditation.

Thomas Windlow

Relaxing the Mind, Body & Soul