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   The year of 2007 is coming to a close. Did you get everything you had hoped to get done accomplished? Sometimes when we put pressure on ourselves it can hinder us into believing we are running around and making no headway in this life. I hope that when you reflect back in this year you have made headway.  It's time you give yourself a pat on the back for the lives you have touched in this lifetime. We all have the ability to help others through the actions we take daily. Sometimes it's by just a smile to someone.  When you judge yourself in a negative way ( for something you wish you wouldn't have said or done),  you may not notice all you have been  given in this past year. A smile, a prayer, a hello or even saying," have a nice day" may help someone get through the day. We all have the ability to make and create a better world or a better place to live. 
   If you have lost a loved one this year or in the past you may hold some feelings of guilt (for not doing enough),  not saying the right words or not spending enough time with them. Please let go of those feelings that you may be judging yourself. Many of our loved ones miss us this time of year.  Communicating from the heart felt energy that they may feel from the other side much like the feeling from you to them, they still love us and may be trying to communicate with us. They love hearing us as we talk with them or send our mind energy thoughts to them. 
   This is a time to really look backwards and forwards with your personal goals and the missions of this lifetime. Your goals should always involve the things you love and the action energy from the heart. My hope for you is that this New Year is a new beginning for you and all that you love.

Allow The Light To Shine

Thomas Windlow

Seasonal Depression from an Energy Source 

   With the season change, so does the life we live. Not having energy when Fall comes along can affect your well being. You may notice that your moods have changed or that the feeling of being alive and ready for action is not a part of you. You may be pushing yourself on a daily basis just to get through the day. The seasons are really a beautiful part of life. If you look a bit ahead to Spring, you will notice those buds and flowers breaking through with new life. We may not see as much of the sun in the Winter and this can affect you and make you feel depressed.  Paying attention to this can help you to understand yourself with the seasonal changes. You have the ability to change this energy and bring a normal sense of peace to you for the seasons. I recommend, if you can, to go and purchase a sun lamp or change your style of dress. Bring in the flowers or purchase some houseplants to bring Spring or Summer to you while you are shut in due to bad weather. Wearing bright colors may help you to feel better, help your moods and help you put a smile on your face. Making some minor adjustments to your environment can go along way. If you can not change to a warmer location, then making some minor changes around you can make all the difference. Creating minor change around you may make you feel better. Remember,  you are in charge and you can make life seem as better as the leaves falling from the tree. I have always tried to plan a trip to a sunny place  when  Winter approaches. In terms of time, you are looking at the better part of four months with these feelings.  I know that doctors were given to us for a reason and sometimes medicines are neccesary for depression. 
   As an energy reader, I am always trying to help people by telling them that they are in charge of this life and change comes from the thoughts that they are putting out to the universe. We all choose the part of the world we live in and I, myself, love the seasons.  I love the chill in the air and the white stuff (snow). I love the Fall colors. But I do have to say, I do not like the brown and empty trees and bushes that comes along with the Winter season. So I bring a little of the outside in. This can help you to feel that life is still around you and the plants rely on you to take care of them.  So you may have an additional task to do, watering. I know Winter seems long  but soon everything will be green and new with the coming of Spring. This Summer was very long and drawn out with the heat and I’m sure that Mother Nature is looking forward to a little moister for all of the plants. If you are a person that suffers from being wrapped up in blankets and always looking out and not seeing the sun, then I would recommended if possible, to take a trip, see some green and this will help you to break up the Winter blaughs. If you cannot get away or get out of town then you might want to visit the Krohn's Conservatory, where the plants are green year round.  
   Remember, Seasonal depression is just that... SEASONAL. Soon the next season will be here.  Another thing I may suggest to clients is that they purchase a meditation tape.  With a walk through meditation that can not only relax the body but allow themselves to fully relax and balance the energy field that is part of the human body. A walk through meditation can also allow a person to daydream about the season that will soon be approaching.
In the Winter it is a great time to take a painting or a pottery class. Something to take your mind off of the dim days of where the sun is not part of your daily life. Use this time to enhance the learning part of yourself or open the creative part of you. Unlock the part of the mind that is just waiting for you. The choices and looking forward beyond the Winter will help you. Being creative with things you have always wanted to do will help you to build self confidence and self esteem. Take time to look at your life from a different point of view allowing yourself to grow and see others more clear.  

Allow the light to shine,

Thomas Windlow

New Beginnings (Happy New Year)