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The Power of Prayer
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Prayer is taught throughout the world. The division between church and state has been happening all over the world. We as light workers can make a big difference here on earth. I say to many, “ When I get home, God may ask me to shut up because I am in prayer all day long.”

God has never left a human, humans leave God. We can look throughout our life and place blame on many of life situations and we are still right where God has placed us in his plan.

We tend to hold prayer sacred to our own self not sharing what we believe because of fear of being judged by others. Regardless of being led by the conviction of prayer, I know without a doubt, we are being heard. I like to believe that our prayers are not only heard but are recorded from something above us.

Prayer circles and groups have come together to make change and to create. I like to refer to this as the following:

If you had a box of tooth picks and you were praying on a subject, it would be a single toothpick reaching to the divine. Now imagine a box of them trying to stand for something. They become a load to organize but bring strength to all, coming together as one unit. Bringing forth unity and peace.

This course is a way of helping the light to change and help our future generations

Religion and belief

Internal communication


Miracles in the making

Why do some exercise prayer and others do not 

The tools given to us

Heart energy

When prayers are not heard (or so people may believe)

Who is God

Where is God when we see so many things taking place on earth?

Losing faith

Giving up on God

Peace in making a difference

Joy in feeling love

Not allowing your ego to take over your faith

Showing proof of God

Can a human be assured that he is not wasting time in believing in God

What your soul can teach you

Being born in the United States verses a third world country

Bring truth to the world

Loving yourself to understand the soul

Using the divine in your prayer

Why would God trust you with such power?

This a 1 Day course

Price of the course $ 60.00

Non refundable payment due first day of class.