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Saying Goodbye (grief)
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During our life here on earth we try our best to understand so many things. But sometimes when we are forced to face the challenge of letting go of someone we have loved, it becomes a scar across our heart. This leaves us to wonder why we must accept that someone leaving our life. Many face this challenge as very young children leaving school year after year. Simple goodbye’s and deep heart felt goodbye’s are what this course is about.

Leaving youth and lessons we were being groomed to accept.
Your first true love
Loss of a best friend
Leaving a job we felt we may have thought was our path
Having to face the loss of a grandparent
Having to face the loss of a parent
Dealing with the loss of a child 
Loss of a pet that has given so much love to you in this life
Feeling alone in your inward twisted thoughts of why
Replacing the energy that feels like a hole in your heart
Not having the chance for closure
Handling emotions from the isolation of a loss
Handling the depression from a deep loss
The opening of a door that can help others to heal 
The Seasons and how they can bring hope

These are things we all can feel a need to heal from as we continue this journey here on earth.

This a 1 Day course

Price of the course $ 60.00

Non refundable payment due first day of class.