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.All prayers are read, prayed upon and edited by Thomas and then submitted to the Prayer Page. If your prayer is for Thomas only, please specify on Message line.
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Daily Journaling
1.Write a letter at the beginning of each day. Examples appear in grey italics. 
a.Address the letter: Address the letter relative to your beliefs: Christians might address it as follows: Dear God, Jesus, Ascended Masters, Archangels, My Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Friends, Spirit Relatives, Holy Spirit, Universal light, and [specific Saints]. Buddhists might address it to Buddha, Muslims might address it to Muhammad, etc. Atheists, agnostics, and those without specific religious beliefs might address it to The Universe. 
b.Gratitude: The1st part of the letter is gratitude which includes any or all of the following: 
i.Giving thanks for gifts (specific and general) that have been received. Thank you for sending me/others …(list specific things that came the previous day).
ii.Giving Thanks for gifts that were previously requested. These thanks are stated as though they have already been received, regardless of whether or not they have been received and regardless of whether or not the previous request burned successfully (explained below). Thank you for bringing me…(list the things that were requested the previous day, regardless of whether or not it burned).
iii.Giving thanks in the form of affirmationsTake any affirmation and convert it into a gratitude statement. Thank you for helping me to love myself, for bringing me clear vision, for enabling me to take correct actions, for protecting me, for giving me confidence, for removing obstacles, for making all areas of my life abundant and easy, etc. 
c.Prayer: The 2nd part of the letter is Prayer work. Prayers do not involve requests for receiving gifts for one's self. 
i.Prayers for others (family, clients, friends, etc), that they may receive gifts. Please bring [friend/family/client] the following gifts so that they may achieve/attain _____. 
ii.Prayers to be able to help others through your work. Please allow me to be a unit of light to help at least one person find me each day so that I may help that person [in a specific and meaningful way]. 
iii.Prayers for help in releasing your own new/recent scars. Please help me release the scars that I acquired from ___ and reignite my love for myself.
iv.Prayers for forgiveness for your own new/recent faults. Please forgive me; I have done ___. Please forgive me, and please help me let go of my self-judgment. 
d.Requests: The 3rd part of the letter is requests for gifts for yourself, gifts that you want or need in your personal world; specific things needed today. Make any and all requests for yourself in this part of the letter. But critical here is the importance of trust: Once you make a request, you should never repeat the same request unless the burn fails (explained below). The process is to ask, then trust. There are special considerations on the timing of burning of requests, based on the date, and these are explained below. 
i.Please bring me [specific gifts] so that I may accomplish [specific goals].
ii.Please bring me the people, circumstances, events, resources, traits, skills, tools, confidence, understanding, vision, and energy that I need to ____ so that I may ___. 
iii.Please help me to achieve or acquire or overcome [a very specific request related to current matters].
iv.Please give me the opportunity to [specific request] so that I may ___.
e.Sign the letter: Love, [your name] 
2.Check the Date and Burn the letter 
a.If the date is within 3 days of a full moon or within 3 days of a Mercury retrograde, Do NOT burn requests, as doing so can "backfire." These dates appear in orange or red in the table below. During these times, it is fine to write and burn thanks and prayers. Requests during this time MAY be written, and if so, wait until the "OK to burn dates" to burn them (to avoid "backfire"). 
b.If the date is not within 3 days of a full moon or Mercury retrograde, then burn the letter including requests. These dates appear in green with yellow highlight in the table below. 
c.How to burn and what to do after the burn
i.Go outside, and burn the letter. Take great care to practice fire safety. Do not burn your letter if there is a chance of anything else (including yourself) catching fire or getting burned. 
ii.If the letter burns ENTIRELY upon the first strike of the match, then the message was received. 
1.Never ask again for same requests or same release of scars. You have already asked. The message was received (the letter burned completely). And now, you must trust. 
2.Do include gratitude the next day for having received the requested gifts (regardless of whether or not you have yet seen any evidence of the gifts). 
3.It is OK to keep writing similar thanks, prayers, and affirmations day after day, regardless of whether or not they have completely burned previously, as these are not requests
iii.If letter does not burn ENTIRELY upon the first strike of the match, then the message was not received (none of it). If this occurs, the requests and scar releases should be made again on the next day and burned (provided that it is an "OK to Burn Requests" date). But regardless of whether the letter burned, you should include gratitude the next day as though you have already received the requested gifts.

Daily Verbal Affirmations: Daily affirmations are important and can be done anytime, anywhere, such as in the car on your way to work. State affirmations out loud, beginning with "I love myself" and going into as much detail as you wish. 
I love myself, I have [skills/attributes/traits such as confidence, faith, integrity, energy, focus, vision].
Every area of my life is filled with ease and abundance.
I have achieved/acquired [things that have been requested]. 
I grant permission to God, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides to bring me [gifts] so that I may achieve___. 

Special Journaling:
Scar release letters: Beginning with the present year and working backward in time, release scars acquired through your life and the lives of your parents and earlier generations. The first letter begins, "Dear God (etc)…., It is the year xxxx, and I am xx years old. Today, I release scars that I acquired from ___ and reignite my love for myself." Go into as much detail as possible in each letter. If it burns entirely, then move on to the next year on the following day. Keep going backward in time as far back as you can remember. Once you get through your whole life, write about the scars that your siblings, parents, grandparents, etc acquired and release those and burn those. Some years carry more scars than others, and the release may take several days for those years. If any letter fails to burn entirely, then release the same scars the next day and the next until it does burn. These letters may be burned any day, because they are not requests. 
Letters to others: If there are people in your life with whom you have had conflict or strife, write a letter to each person. Address the letter to "Dear [name of person]" and describe in detail every aspect of the relationship, the events, and the circumstances. Express forgiveness to the person genuinely. If it burns completely, the issues have been released and you need not revisit this. If it does not burn, you need to write it out again and burn it on another day. These letters may be burned any day, because they are not requests. 
Roadmap for each new year: Each year, write a roadmap for the entire year, identifying and explaining every request that you have for the entire year. Be as specific as possible, including dates, sketches, specific goals, and always include "+" so as not to limit your requests. Copy the roadmap for your reference; then burn the original. New moon is great day to burn a roadmap (provided that it does not occur during a Mercury retrograde) but it is not necessary to burn this on a New Moon. If the roadmap does not burn, write it again the following day and burn it again. Do NOT burn the roadmap on No-Burn Dates for Requests, because roadmaps are requests. 



NO- Burn Dates for Request

(Cinci Full Moon)

01-17-2022 (1-14-1-20)
02-16-2022 (02-13-02-19)
03-18-2022 (03-15-03-21-)
04-16-2022 (04-13-04-19)

05-16-2022 (05-13--05-19)
06-14-2022 (06-11-06-17)
08-11-2022 (08-8-8-14)
09-10-2022 (09-7-09-13)
10-9-2022 (10-06-10-17)
11-8-2022 (11-5-11-11)
12-7-2022 (12-4-12-10)

Mer (retro)




OK to Burn Request
Burn Request

Jan 1-14
Feb (08-13 (Feb 19-28)
Mar (1-15 (Mar 21-31)
Apr (1-13 (Apr 19-30)

May (1-11)
Jun (2-11) (Jun 17-30)
Jul (1-10) (Jul 16-31)
Aug (1-8) (Aug 14-31)
Sep (1-7)
Oct (1-6 (Oct 12-31)
Nov (1-5) (Nov 11-30)
Dec (1-4) (Dec 10-28)