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THOMAS WINDLOW   (513)943-1638

Terms and Conditions
Allow the light to shine
Official Web Site for Thomas Windlow
This show is about how animals can influence and remove sickness from our being as well as how animals communicate with mental vibrations. Animal guides; how they can choose and help us in this life with our strengths and our weaknesses. Animals have been a part of all our human existence and run on unconditional love. Animals often times will show us hidden messages as they appear or come across our path. What is your animal totem? Do we all have more than one animal as totems? Are you an animal communicator? Have you ever felt the love an animal gives you? Often times many of us are so open to the love of an animal that we look for that same type of love from our own human species.
How many lives do we need to live to get it right? Is there a number that we are in search of? Learning to let go of the fear of death. We all have some sort of fixation during the course of life. Is there a God? Why did I come into this life to experience so much pain and worry about what will happen next? Why can’t I seem to just stop this reincarnation process? Do I have to come back to earth? Why must we die if we are just are going to just come back into an earthly body? Why do we have this process anyway?

Why did God assign angels as guardians? Are humans that have passed on our guardian angels? Love of Angels and why some angels may not always be love. This show is about angels. Have you seen one? Do you know the signs of an angel? Why can angels not intervene with you free will? If we have angels around us what do they do all day? Angels in pictures; do you know what you are looking for in your photos? This show is dedicated to the love and compassion of God’s heavenly angels. Often times they will appear and disappear in our lives and unbeknown to us. Why don’t they let themselves be known to us? Why do I invite extra angels to be with me during my daily life? 
This show is an introduction to your guides and the energy that has a mission, side by side with you, during the course of this life. We all have missions of karma as well as a mission of life to accomplish while on earth. It is no coincidence that you have met up with other people that you have known in the past as well as choices that have been made during the course of this lifetime. It seems a little difficult to understand all of the ins and outs during the course of this life but your guides gently guide you through the exchanges of karma during this life. Understanding that you were also given free will at birth to make decisions and create new karma for future lives that we will plan once we cross back into heaven. You will make most of the decisions in this life and when it seems you have lost your way your guides will open new directions for you. It is about learning to distinguish that communication from the rational part of your brain.
Have you had an encounter with a spirit or a ghost? Why are so many ghosts here on earth? It seems more and more people are becoming aware of spirits on the earth. Why are they not in heaven planning the next life? Why will some spirits never cross into the light? We all have angels. Why some have crossed over don’t want to believe in the guides and angels that are trying to lead them into the light of love. Some dwellings are more haunted than others and in some cases there are multiple sightings. Is this all imagination? Do you have to be psychic to see spirits or open to the paranormal activity? Are you the cause of ghost visiting’s in your house?
Most people have emotion sensitivity during the course of their life, If you were born with sight you have learn to rely on this sense as well as with touch or smell. We become accustomed to these senses. We all have the ability to tap into our feelings of emotions and all of our senses during the course of life if we truly pay attention. Life is often times a mystery. We run into people we think of or they end up calling us after a thought process hits our brain. Learning to pay attention can help all of us during this life. We may feel the sadness or the joy of others and want to explore more of this type feeling. This is what this show is about. We must learn to pay attention to the internal voice as well as our gut. It can keep you safe in this life. Being empathic is most people on earth. Have you been deceived by someone you loved in this life? Probably because you did not pay attention to your empathic impressions. Are you honest to your own default?
Being psychic; truth is we are all psychic but how in tune are you? Learning to allow yourself to hear, see and sense from all of you senses is making you more aware of your psychic. Opening up and allowing your guides and loved ones to give you responses to some of your questions is part of this show. When we all on the earth join together with our sixth senses what are your thoughts of what the world will be like? Do you believe that we have the ability because of our evolution or is it always to be unexplained by science and man? Why do some people think or maybe even get tunes into people on the earth?  Do you think people that have extra sensitivity to others should allow this gift or should they hold those emotions on one’s self? Is God psychic? 
We all have feelings that we have known people forever or that something may be wrong with how hard we may be working on relationships. Can we change the outcome of many of life situations? This show is about relationships with people that are in our everyday life. We all face something in this life when it comes to friends. Some of us are an open book to many while others seem not to open many doors in this life with friends. That  keeps them private and close to family. We all have the ability to make changes with our choice of friends in this life but some want to disconnect from family. Why do we make so many bad choices in this life when it comes to people that cross our path?