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Official Web Site for Thomas Windlow
THOMAS WINDLOW   (513)943-1638

Terms and Conditions
Allow the light to shine
Official Web Site for Thomas Windlow

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We are so thankful for Thomas Windlow coming into our family's lives.
In the past I have seen many psychics and felt only some of the
information given was correct. Since I have known Thomas, the
information received has been phenomenal and so accurate! He has helped
my family and friends in so many ways. My husband had a healing from
Thomas that has changed his life. A young friend of the family that I
sent to Thomas for a healing because he suffers from depression and
just couldn't move on in his life, did an incredible turn around and is
now moving forward in his life, family and career with such enthusiasm.
He did a reading for my oldest son (which after listening to his tape
was 100% accurate) and I told Thomas that it was a 5 star reading.
Thomas has done several healing's on my leg. In 2003 I had a Doppler
sonogram on my leg which showed the femoral vein. I was told there was
no blood flow returning in the vein and would need surgery. I was
taking care of my mother who had Alzheimer's and it was not a good time
to have surgery. Since Thomas's healing's, my doctor wanted a new
sonogram in 2005 which showed that there is blood flow in the femoral
vein. At first I was apprehensive and was not sure if I was a believer
in this method of healing, but I have documentation from modern
medical technology that proves the vein was closed and is now opened.
Thomas would be the first to say that the healing is being brought
through him. In my opinion, I feel this is an incredible blessing from
God. Thomas is such a compassionate person. He always works in the
light and wants to help so many people by sharing his gifts and
knowledge with others. We are very thankful and grateful to Thomas.


I first heard of Thomas Windlow through a local magazine here in
Cincinnati, Ohio and in my spirit, I was immediately drawn to him.

I called him to do a phone reading and he read for me. I was very
impressed and then I scheduled an appointment with him to have a
mediumship session with him. I wanted to contact my dad, which we did! 
I was over come with joy on reconnecting with my dad and I started to
take some of Thomas's classes.

Thomas is rapidly becoming Cincinnati's premiere intuitive reader and 
he is the most sincere reader than I have ever been read by. His love
and dedication for God and God's work is ever present in his readings
(as well as his teachings).  He is amazing in his love for mankind and
this planet, not to mention, he blows my mind with all this knowledge
and ancient wisdom that he has.

There isn't any other intuitive reader that I know of who is able to do
all the metaphysical things that Thomas can.

I want to thank Thomas for bringing my dad to me and allowing me to
feel dad's energy and presence once again. All the readings that I have
had from him have been accurate and in-depth. Even today, he manages to
tell me things that he can't possible know, then BAM, there it is!
Thomas is truly gifted and so very blessed!
Thank You Thomas!


Pamela S. Trusler

Hi, Tom

Pam told me that you wanted me to write a testimonial about the
accuracy of a reading I had with you Aug. 14th.

I met with you at the bookstore.  This was a reading where my little
brother, who has passed, was trying to communicate with me.  You called
him Mark which was my brother's name.  I was/am thrilled!  Later in the
reading we were talking about my love interests.  You said there was a
George, a G around me.  I was seeing a man whose name is Gary at the
time.  You didn't like his energy.  That he was all about money.  He
wasn't where I was in regard to growth.  Wasn't sure of what he wants
and that if I didn't have money to bring to the table, he didn't want
any part of it.  You saw a 2 around us.  That it would be over in 2
months and I would start seeing someone else.  It was 2 months, 1 day
that it ended.  I didn't remember until I listened to the tape again
and went back to check.

Your reading verbalized what I felt (not the date) but having the tape
to go back to listen to helped me not feel as bad about it.  It gives
me hope for the future.

Thanks again, Tom


Dear Thomas,

I just wanted to say thank you for a reading that was done last June.
You told me I would meet a Greg Richard who was from the east coast and
traveled. Well Thomas I did meet him, his name is Greg Richard Burnett.
He is a truck driver and he was born in Jersey. I was so shocked. We
have been together ever since and he is a wonderful, kind person who is
becoming my rock we are so connected, I had lost my husband 15 years
ago, I now feel complete again. We are very happy. Now you just did
another reading for me at Lisa's. In this reading you told me I was the one
holding up the relationship and that was true.  I have since tried to
brake down my walls. You also told me my daughter-in-law has female
problems, a month later she started having serious problems. You told
me my daughter was fighting for her spiritually and when I talked to
her she said her husband was draining her light and it was a constant
battle which they are working together to find a common
ground now.

Thomas, you have done many, many readings for my friends and family all
of which are very accurate. I have been going to physics since 1985 and
belong to Edgar Cayce's Foundation and I take my beliefs very seriously.
Outside of one in Florida, whom works for the State department, you are
the most gifted that I have known. God has chosen you to help our
world. I am so thankful that I have had an opportunity to know you and
want to extend my friendship to you. Should there ever come a time that
you need anything, please let me
Blessing to you Thomas and your family, keep doing your wonderful work.
Our world needs people like yourself and you may feel drained at times
but know that you are needed in our world. Take care of yourself stay
strong we need you. God be with you.

Your friend,

Vivian Reda

For the past several months you have been doing readings for me, and I
just have to tell you that they have been very informative and
accurate. I always wanted to see what it would be like to get a
reading, and the first reading you gave me was VERY helpful. If you
remember my first question was, "Should I take my job back down south?"
Immediately, your answer was to, "Postpone." Well, I took your advice
and I'm glad I did so. The new job I have now is coming around and
things are looking up with it. In fact, a new position is opening up
that is going to put me where I want to be.

Another issue I had, that I bugged you about relentlessly on, was my
house that I had for sale. When it looked like there was no hope of
selling it, you kept telling me that it was going to happen. Everything
you told me about it was right on of course, from when it was going to
be sold to the amount of money it was sold at. You were even correct
about selling it at a loss, but that once it was sold, things would
start looking up for me and that the stress of trying to sell the house
was the root of my depression and grim outlook on things. Of course,
after selling it, my debt is down, I'm saving money, and my wife and I
are getting along much better know.

As you know, I try to keep my feet on the ground, and try to resolve
problems on my own.  But, when my problems get to the point where I
don't think it is going to get better, I know I have a friend to turn

You will defiantly be hearing from me again and I will be telling my
friends about you.


I wish to tell you about how Thomas has helped me so much. I have a
chronic condition and I was hopeless when I happened on to Thomas, even my
hair was like straw. He knew everything about me, and he told me what I
needed to hear and he told me he would do a healing on me. No sooner
was the reading done, than a day later, my hair started getting like
silk, every member of my family was commenting on that and I came back
to life. I don't think I would have been able to be healed had it not
been for the fact that Thomas is really an instrument of God, God is
really felt thru him. I am grateful God guided me to him. Thank you,
Thomas, from the bottom of my heart for bringing me back to life and for
giving me back me.

Marcela McNeil

Hi Thomas,

I wanted to write this testimonial about what an amazing man and amazing gift that God has given you.  You have done several readings for me.  The first one you told me about marrying my husband, which was 100% accurate.  I had been single for 11 years and never would have believed it.  You also connected me to my dad who died four years ago.  That was the most wonderful feeling to know that my dad is still in my life.  What a gift that was for me. 

You did a reading approximately three weeks ago, as well as a healing on me.  I have been suffering from severe back and chest pain for the past two months, was housebound, in constant pain, had severe insomnia, breathing problems, and depressed.  Nothing had been working to heal me, especially doctors.  Your healing immediately began my healing in motion.  I went to Big Bear a few days after your healing had acupuncture, laser light therapy and chiropractic.  You told me that I would be better in two weeks and that the treatments would heal me.  It is amazing, I am so much better and have so much more energy.  You also told me I was nutritional unbalanced, which I definitely was, and that started the universal wheels in motion and connected me with people in Big Bear that have brought me back to where I should be nutritionally.  You are such a blessing and a gift.  I am so thankful that God has brought you into my life.  You truly have helped me to allow my light to shine again. 

Thank you so very, very much Thomas,