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Understanding that you are a part of the universe and the universe is a part of you, makes all the difference with understanding dreams, manifesting, and how to rid your life of depression forever. The love you have for others is much deeper then just the human sense. Love comes from deep within yourself. Understanding how the soul connects to another and the light force from within is the key to finding a soul mate. Even having a deeper understanding of your children, family and friends. The light source was connected eons ago. The soul is a pure light force. Your angels and guides are always trying to improve who you are. We continue to look for that light force within others even on an unconscious level. I often heard growing up the phrase “when my ship comes in, my luck, I will be at the air port”. Just thinking that creates a reality in a sense setting up disaster. Wondering if you are ever going to realize love in this lifetime or the understanding of just what makes people click, brings them close to your auric field.

Think about it, if the world was a perfect place, it would be very boring to us. The people we know today would have no faults and we would continue to look for issues surrounding our own lives. I often tell people to look deeper at the issues that are in front of them and to face it head on. If you continue to flop around like a fish out of water, you will never find your true purpose in life.

Your true purpose is just being you and not always looking for something better. Accept who you really are and ask the light or the higher self to help you in this manner. The light force of the universe will never leave you high and dry, never! The job of your angels and guides are to keep things in motion allowing you and all whom are around you to live life to the full potential. Keeping your focus can and will allow light to come around you. If you think that people are after you for something you may not possess. Then the loss is to both parties, for thinking that way and attracting this type of energy towards you, and the other person for the thought process you gave them. Remember your thoughts are energy and energy does not die, it continues. You are what you think, as you are what you eat. Keep it all in prospective. Keeping your dreams in front of you, is what you are looking to accomplish. 

Even though you may think you are off track with your life, just wait a while because the cycle will turn on a dime and bring everything back into focus. Your angels and guides will not let you fail. The universe makes no mistakes. The ego of the human brain brings on unwanted life situations. Let me put it like this to rid yourself from depression and unwanted situations, you must keep positive energy flowing. This includes all the little toss ups that life brings to you. Your choice is the half empty glass or half full. If you are dragging your feet or allowing others to drag you down you have the power to change everything around you. If you’re not happy than change it! As I see it as a psychic medium, we really don’t have to deal with depression or the unexpected life situations. But by giving them power, it allows them to grow and become unbearable.

If you really want to change the out come of any situation learn to accept yourself, your dreams, and your deepest desires. Ask your guides to align your universal plan and then write down your plans down to the tiniest details. Keep your focus and do not let anyone take your power or bring you down to the level of destruction. The choice of living free and full filling your dreams is really up to you. No one on the earth plane is perfect so don’t make life a competition for yourself. You are what you think.
I believe you have the power that everyone around you has. Knowing this empowers you; allow your true beauty to come through to you. Change things slowly so you can adjust your thoughts. Remember you have put yourself in these life situations and it didn’t happen overnight. You may make some changes in your friends and you might modify your thought process with your children or co-workers. But you will find that light will attract light. You may encounter some tests along the way but I know everyone has the power built within them. Allow the light to shine.

Thomas Windlow

Steps in creating and manifesting goals and dreams

1.Write it down (Leave nothing out of the focus) every detail.
2.Ask your higher self to step in and help you ( Ask your ego self to step aside)
3.Relearn to Day Dream (Keep your dreams in front of you) ( See it happening )
4.Do not allow others that seem to be friends to take your power (you were born with this power it is your birth right)
5.Include what you will give back to the universe if your dreams are fulfilled
6.Never stop asking
7.Always try to include helping others that come across your path.
8.Smile and know the angels are smiling with you
9.Accept your self (Love your self)